Tomorrow May Become Yesterday / Living a ‘High Definition Life’ / Friday: Main Event

to learn are
to be perfect,
which cannot

                      Thank the Lord.

As our lives
spill into each other,
the gravity
of our Being
can fail to keep us
close to one another.
And we never really know,
after the dark
of such night,
comes the Day,
after rest,
Hearts awake
looking to take
in the warm Sunlight
of Love.

I Pray
that every Child,
grown and otherwise,
will pause
for a moment of awareness,
a tiny trace in time,
to thank the Lord,
for everyone and everything,
and come to realize,
we are truly Blessed,
but not for what we seek,
not for what we savor
or see,
but for what you and I
can discover
deeply embedded in the
very Human
of you and me:


Loves us
more Dearly than
His Written Word
can tell.
Love your Child
equally well.

                              We are truly Blessed.

I Pray
we will have the
to say on this
and every day,
what mere words
cannot really convey –
the simple words
that FOREVER stay
deeply embedded
in the Human Heart:

“I Love You.”

These three words
open many doors.
Be sure
one of them is

We are Blessed
in a
strange way,
not knowing
what lay
ahead of us.
The confidence
of ignorance
gives courage
to cause.

As young children
we are unblemished
by the wildfires
of hate and bigotry and bias.
The landscape
of our tender young Hearts
is pristine
and pure, positive

But few
stay that way.

Pristine and pure, positive potential.

My Dear Friends,
are all newly wed
to our dreams
each night,
and divorced
of our visions
by mid day.
Au contraire,
they are but illusions
to someone

Spend your Life
your own
Star in it
as yourself.
Don’t play
someone else
in Life.

The gravity of our Being.

a World of Wonder –
Your World.
Your vision
of this World
can only come
your eyes.
Every child alive
through the eyes
of someone,
most often
a deeply Loved
and Father.
They see
the World around
They see the World
you create.
And if what they
is not Love,
but hate,
not Hope
or Compassion,
then depression
and regret
will lead the

And tomorrow
may become


Luis Palau: Living a ‘High Definition Life’

read more

Luis Palau
says there are “good” areas of life
but God has something even more excellent
than what the world has to offer.

Pleasure or happiness: “Pleasure delights only so long as it lasts; it’s great but fleeting,” says Luis. “Pleasure feels good, but joy feels better.” Joy erupts from the inside.

Popularity or connectedness: Everyone wants to be liked, but Luis reminds us that we can’t mistake popularity for friendship. “Friendship may be harder to cultivate than mere popularity, but it pays far greater dividends,”.

Acceptance or forgiveness: Most of us admit to feelings of unworthiness, but Luis reminds us that God wants to set us free. “Too often we settle for a substitute that doesn’t go quite far enough,” says Luis. “We settle for acceptance but what we need is forgiveness.”

Relief or peace: Luis says a great temptation for many evangelists (like himself) is that they want to be the one who leads more people into the kingdom of God or the one who writes more books, etc. One day Luis, who was struggling with a lack of peace, heard a chapel message in Bible college about Galatians 2:20, “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live. Yet it’s not I, it’s Christ living in me.” He ran to his room and fell on his knees for two hours. “I was 25 and felt as though I had just been converted again.”

Achievement or success: Luis reminds us that in order to enjoy success at the highest level, we need an eternal purpose. Luis tells about Fiona Hendley, a famous, successful BBC actress who was living with Paul Jones, the lead singer for the 1960s pop group Manfred Mann. One day, pop singer Cliff Richard invited both of them to hear Luis speak at a festival. They both responded to the invitation to accept Jesus. Paul moved out, they married and are still happily married after 14 years. “True success demands something from you,”.

Excitement or adventure: Excitement causes our bodies to produce endorphins, which play a huge role in producing feelings of pleasure. Because we crave intense feelings, increasing numbers of us pursue the thrill provided by “extreme sports.” We are naturally drawn to whatever kindles our built-in desire for adventure. “The Christian life is the greatest adventure,” says Luis. Real adventure touches the soul.

Invulnerability or safety: Luis says he almost settled for a career in international banking until his mother encouraged him to take a risk. He was working as a teller at a branch in Argentina. The bank was cheating in their money exchanges. Luis says he knew it was wrong but couldn’t quit his job since he was supporting his mom after his father died. Soon he resigned and took a job with an evangelistic magazine for less pay.“My family went through tough financial times, but I would have missed out on the privilege of leading souls to heaven,” says Luis.

Activity or significance. While all of us need to know that we matter, many of us settle for a flurry of “busyness.” We crave purpose and destiny but we settle for mere productivity. God offers us life, purpose, meaning, significance, but many of us turn down these astonishing possibilities. Luis reminds us to remember our fabulous destiny in God.

Positive thinking or hope: Many of us substitute positive thinking for genuine hope. Positive thinking puts us in the right frame of mind, but it can’t do much about the problems themselves. Hope takes a stand on the unchanging character of God. Positive thinking depends on us, while hope depends on God.

God promises us His best,
but He doesn’t always make our circumstances
turn out the way we think we would like them.
Instead God promises to be with us completely
in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

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