A Deeper Reality / Natural Drinks To Calm Your Nerves / Friday: C.P.R. and First Aid Training at School

‘The intuitive mind is a Sacred Gift,
the rational mind its faithful servant.
We have created a society
that honors the servant
and has forgotten the Gift’.
– Albert Einstein


Deep within us,
the surface of our conscious mind,
is a place we do not know.
It is
a deeper mind

Most people are far, far away
from this level of awareness.
They live on the fast paced,
often violent surface of the Earth,
with all of its illusions, opportunities,
adventures and misadventures
and misfortunes.

But deep within
there is a burning desire,
a never ending yearning
to find the true
meaning of our


Someone must teach you that Life is lived for Love and Joy. I have my Mother to thank.  – – –  Thank You!

This longing
from a deeper place
we can only find
each of us.

It is
the very Human Heart
in which
our Creator lives.

When God created man
in His own image
He made Mankind
to share
Divine prerogatives.

are someone great, wonderful and different.
You are the most excellent
of all God’s beautiful creations.
You are a special expression
of Divine Nature,
created by God’s own personal activity.
God created you with Solemnity
and Dignity,
and with the Honor of an intimate
Divine deliberation.
branch-and-sun-bHe created you
with such Love
as you Love
your precious Child.
You are
deeply Loved,
Divine Child
of God.

“Then the Lord God
formed the man of dust from the ground
and breathed into his nostrils
the breath of life,
and man became a living creature.”
Genesis 2:7

Only Mankind,
of all God’s creatures,
has a Spirit,
a God-consciousness,
the capacity for knowing God
and holding Spiritual Communion with Him
through Prayer.


       There is a deeper reality.

If this knowledge
can be realized,
if it can be accepted,
will be able to envision
a new reason
for Life
and for living.

How much
is a person responsible
for their own
Can knowledge
arise from within
to reassure someone
that Life is not
a singular, lonely journey,
leading to nowhere,
to nothing
but death?


That’s me! A few years back and very much in Love with Life.

  Or can Life be lived
with the Love
of God
to guide and comfort us?

 My Dear Friends,
everyone who Loves,
experiences a relationship
with God.
God dwells deeply within us,
within Infinite
layers of Love.

There is much speculation
about the creative
potential of the mind,
about the degree to which
we can truly have an impact
upon our own Human experience
here on Earth.


Love gives truth, direction and purpose.

the Human mind
creates its own reality.
But there is a
deeper reality,
a Mind
that created YOU,
the Mind of

The mind of man
is constantly striving to gain
privileges, possessions,
and become passionate
about Earthly things.
And the result is
immense suffering,
calamity and discord,
not only for ourselves,
but for the whole World.

“Someone’s lost the plan
For the brotherhood of man
And no one’s trying to find it anymore
And the winds become a sigh
For those who hate and those who die,
And the waves are black and slow along the shore.

“And will the grass be gone
from underneath the sky?
Will the golden flower wither soon and die?
Will the fire burn out the land,
And the sea fill up with sand,
Will the last word ever spoken be
Roger Whittaker


Beyond the pale of our understanding.

Our Human race,
in its quest to conquer and possess,
to digress into the illusion
of ownership,
has disrupted the Natural World
so much,
that now we are confronted
by challenges on a magnitude
that leave us to question
our own survival.

“There were plants and birds and rocks and things
there was sand and hills and rings.
The ocean is a desert with it’s life underground
And a perfect disguise above.
Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
But the humans will give no Love.
You see I’ve been through the desert
on a Horse with no name.

It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.”

Such illusory, illogical aberrations of thought
bring us out of conscious alignment
with the rhythms of Nature
and Natural Wisdom.
And now,
we find it almost impossible
to align with our deeper,
sense of self.

We cannot
even identify
our self.

“You think you own
whatever land you land on,

The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim.
But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a Life,
Has a Spirit,
Has a Name.

Come run the hidden pine trails of the Forest.
Come taste the sun sweet berries of the Earth.
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they’re worth.

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers.
The Heron and the Otter are my friends.
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends.

You can own the Earth and still
All you’ll own is Earth,

You can paint
With all the colors of the wind.
Stephen Schwartz

By altering our climate
we create new dimensions
of stress and uncertainty.
We are no longer
prepared for the future,
a future we cannot


But God,
My Friends,
dwells in the World
we live in.
And He
will prepare you
and strengthen you.
He will Love you.

“The Bible
is a love letter
from God.

George Norwood, Deepermind.com

is beyond the pale
of our understanding.
The future will require
a depth of understanding
and knowledge
and Compassion
that only
the Love of God
can provide.

God has placed within you
the strength
for you
to face the difficult times ahead
and deeper intelligence
in His Sacred Knowledge.

The answers lie
deep within.



           A Love Letter from God.

7 Natural Drinks That Help To Calm Your Nerves
By Urmet Seepter
read more

Relaxing has phenomenal health benefits including reducing stress, insomnia and also discouraging the development of cancer and heart diseases. This post discusses natural drinks that you can take to calm your nerves and relax.

7 Natural Calm-Down Drinks that Will Relax Your Nerves

  1. Pure Coconut Water

Although coconut water has been associated more with its energy-boosting capabilities, it can also help you sleep better. It is an excellent source of magnesium and potassium, the two ingredients that help muscles relax and regulate digestion and improve blood circulation. A small cup of coconut water is richer in potassium than 2 bananas. Also, coconut water is rich in B vitamins that help reduce stress and can also lessen the risks of lower blood pressure and heart attack. It is one of the best remedies you can drink to calm your nerves naturally.

  1. Warm Or Hot Milk

Hot or even warm milk is great for a person who feels that his nerves are shot and they want to fall asleep. Milk contains an amino acid known as tryptophan and this is what helps you calm your nerves. If you want sweet antioxidant boost, mix it with a little honey. Next time you are unable to calm your nerves, just drink warm or hot milk. It can work wonders.

  1. Tart Cherry Juice

According to studies, drinking tart cherry juice has overwhelming benefits to your body. Some of its advantages include reducing inflammation associated with arthritis and heart disease, encouraging normal levels of uric acid (this can ease gout), lowering blood cholesterol, encouraging healthy joints and improving muscle recovery.

It also has great sleep advantages in addition to promoting a lovely skin. It is common to see some of the best athletes take this drink in the middle of their performances.

  1. Herbal Teas

There are many herbal teas that can help your anxiety. However, it is important that whatever tea you choose to take, it should not contain caffeine.

Below are the common herbal teas that you can drink to calm your nerves.

    Kava. This is by far the best known herbal tea for dealing with anxiety. Many times, its effects are likened to those of Buspar, a common anxiety drug, and it appears to possess all the traits of a herbal remedy. This includes being non-addictive, completely natural as well as the fact that it can be consumed whenever needed. However, it is instructive to take note of a few things regarding kava tea. Firstly, the kava tea bought at your local grocery store is not good enough to relax you. While the basic teas provide only 30-50 kavalactones, you need up to 300 or more for you to see any calming effects. The trick is to find a purer herbal tea, such as those that are normally stocked in tea shops. Also, it is advisable to mix it with a drink that contains fats, like coconut milk or butter.Another thing is that kava is very strong and is likely to interact with certain medications. Also, never take it with alcohol. If you have liver disease, kava tea is not for you. NB! This drink must not be taken without a doctor’s nod.

Passionflower Tea. Passionflower tea works similar to kava. However, it is not strong the way kava is but has lots of benefits. It offers great calming effects the same way kava does but it does not have the side effects associated with kava.

   Valerian Root Tea. This type of herbal tea is not necessarily designed for anxiety. However, it still has the calming effects that can soothe anxiety symptoms. Traditionally, valerian tea was used to aid people in sleeping. Many people who suffer from insomnia use valerian root tea to help them catch a few winks of sleep.

  1. Oat Straw

Oat straw may be good for you if you want something to drink to calm your nerves. It is a well known remedy that has been used over the years to cure exhaustion and depression. However, this is not a magic drink that will relieve you of your anxiety in an instant. It must be taken for some time, like a month, for it to have calming effects on you. You can find it in stores that sell natural remedies and herbs.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea has many health benefits, and one of these is stress relief. The reason for its stress relief is mainly because of theanine it contains, an important calming agent. Like the herbal teas above, it is important that you drink decaffeinated green tea. Caffeine is in fact a stimulant and cannot produce the calming effects that you need.

  1. Honey-Infused Drinks

If, for some reason, you cannot use herbal teas, just take any of the drinks mentioned above and infuse them with honey for roughly two weeks. When you feel ready to drink a cup, just mix a table spoon of honey or tea mixture into hot water, hot milk or coconut water and drink it up. It will calm your nerves and help you relax.

Relaxing is important for a healthy person. However, the busy lifestyles that most of us find ourselves in today deprive us of time to relax. But the good news is that there are indeed natural drinks that you can take to calm your nerves.


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