Removing the Illusions / Vegetables to Avoid / The Last Word Ever Spoken? / See You on Tuesday


across the horizon
of what is,
lies the greatest Love
ever to be.

The Human Heart dreams.
It is
the rhythm of Life,
the seeker of Truth,
the inner Eye
longing to see,
asking why am I here,
what does it mean,
to be?

And between the fragile beats,
it pours its essence
into everyone around,
creating a ripple in creation,
tearing time,
unknowing, unaware
it is free
to answer the question:
“Where, Oh where, is

white lily


“In searching for the way to go,
I’ve followed all the rules.

The way they say to choose between
the wise men and the fools.

I listen to the words they say.
I read what I should read.

I do whatever’s right to do,
try to be what I should be.

Someone let me in,
I think the sky is falling,
seems I’ve gotten lost on my way.

All I want to do is try and find myself,
come and let me look in your eyes.”
– John Denver

night scene b

The Love of God transformed into everything we see.

The powerful Love
a Parent feels for a Child,
the goodness lying
buried deep within the Heart,
is the greatest force
on Earth.

Such Love
is always in motion,
manifesting itself
in the moments
that make the Heart
warm and inviting
to the next moment
in time.

It is really the Love of God
into everything we do and see:
the Universe in a teardrop,
at the end of a Rainbow,
a drop of dew
you finally pause long enough
to see,
like the Love of God
in you
and me.

pale white lily

             To truly live again.

empties into an ever ebbing Ocean
of time
from the gently flowing
Rivers of Life.
are adrift in the Ocean
into which a child’s tears
of Joy or pain,
flow unending.

In the chaos
that surrounds such a fragile,
precious Being,
unable to resolve
every elemental prerogative
essential for Life to be,
a Child’s Sacredness
can become a part
of the Beautiful Consciousness
formed at birth,
and still in such felt need.

white flowers c

                     a Symphony

is the healer,
effortlessly removing the illusions
of Life and living,
sustaining the essential Freedoms
to think,
to act,
to Love,
to be.

In the passage of time,
Hearts are held captive
by the emotions of memory.
They become islands
so lonely,
now you
and me.

“I guess they understand
How lonely life has been
But life began again
The day you took my hand

And yes, I know how lonely life can be
The shadows follow me ‘n’ the night won’t set me free
But I don’t let the evening get me down
Now that you’re around me.”
–  Don McLean

red sunset

     A calm, tranquil movement.

My Friends,
troubles come along,
pass over them like a River
gently flowing over hardened stones,
to be smoothed
by the caress of time
and the sea.
Keep the waters of your mind
moving and nurturing

Forgiveness will form
the swift current of restoration
to smooth the hard surface
of every stone
thrown at you
by the hand of man.

The Love of God
is a calm, tranquil movement,
as Life
flows into His
Eternal Sea.

you can be healed
by the Tranquil Grace of God
you allow to flow
over your Life
and into your Heart,
as you become one
with all
that you feel and see.

rainbow c

      to become a Rainbow.

The reflection of a Child’s eyes
in yours,
causes both to lean out
for Love.
what was in the mind
with such worry and pain,

No amount of Light
can return you
to the original vibrant Colors of Being,
except the Light
of Love.

To rediscover
all the Love that dwells within,
is to become a Rainbow
at the Cosmic center
of God’s design
for your Life.
It is to be
the most visible
Star in the Galaxy
of our Belief.

Only the Love of God
enables us to see
through ourselves,
to discover
how valuable our Love is,
that it is
all there ever was,
and all
that will ever be.

forest b

What was in the mind with such worry and pain, disappears.

Whenever you step into
the stream of Life,
and the water around you,
are never the same.
It can revive and replenish,
or drown the tender reed.

In this River
can you also be Baptized,

to truly live again.

blue flowers


My Dear Friends,
we try so hard

not to see
all the things in Life
that we see –
What is never really
you or me.
What is,
may cast shadows
of disbelief,
or simply
may not be.

The thunder in the mountains,
the roar of the sea,
can never be heard
above the sounds
of laughter
in the Joy of a Child
at play,
above the tender voice
that says
you Love me

The Conscious breathing
of our Universe
creates a Symphony,
as we gratefully receive Life
like a Gift,
and give it
like a Present.

really should be

flower purple

    A Garden of our Love will be.

The vines of our Love
blossom and surround and slowly erode away
moments in time
we waste in deep regret
and become
the last reflections of
what we found
beautiful in Life.

With Love,
few are the frailties
left to support decaying
and crumbling structures
of the mind
now lost in the illusions
of Life and living.

And when our lives
are completely gone,
and all vestiges of pretense
have faded away,
a Garden of our Love
will be
left in its place –
a continuous restoration
of Spirit and Being,
that will never end.

clock b

Creating a ripple in creation, tearing time.

never dies.

As eternity rampages the destiny
of our deep seated illusory desires,
what we envision
through the lens of our Love,
will make yesterday refuse
to remember today.
God’s Light always shines
from the reflection
of Joy
in your eyes.


butterfly m

What does it mean, to be?

Two vegetables that you should avoid
if you have diabetes or high blood sugar:

Peas and Corn.

A Journal of Clinical Nutrition study
found that both these vegetables
contain so many starchy carbs and sugars
that they’re almost as bad as sugary juices and sodas
for your blood sugar.

Spices to add to your food
that help reverse Type 2 Diabetes:

Sage, cinnamon, oregano, marjoram, and garlic.

arms outstretched

Cherry extract, avocado extract,
almond extract, and blueberry extract.

“Someone’s lost the plan
for the brotherhood of man,
and no one’s trying to find it anymore.
And the winds become a sigh
for those who hate and those who die.
And the waves are black and slow along the shore.

And will the grass be gone from underneath the sky?
Will the golden flower wither soon and die?
Will the fire burn out the land
And the sea fill-up with sand?
Will the last word ever spoken be

“Why” by Roger Whittaker


Every farewell
is a last farewell.
For this moment
with you is truly gone.


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  1. I’ve learned from this. Maybe you can write subsequent articles. I desire to learn even more!

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