Did God Create Everything? / Friday: We Will Be At School


Did God create everything?

Great Truths are simple.
But they are not as simple or as complex
as we make them appear in our mind.
Essentially, they are right or wrong,
they either exist or they do not,
and God created everything
or He, simply,
did not.

We can endeavor
to understand that which
may not be fathomable to the human mind.
But to stroll down the pathway of awareness
is to search for a depth of meaning
and understanding
that is never ending,
and starts
at the beginning.

can be as simple,
and beautiful,
as night and day,
the absence or presence
of something.


Darkness does not really exist.

“In the beginning
God created the Heavens
And the Earth.”
– Genesis I

Let us ask a seemingly simplistic question:
“Does darkness exist?”

No, darkness does not really exist.
The simple truth is,
the dark is the absence of light.
And we can observe and measure light,
but not the dark.
There is nothing in the dark to measure.
A prism can break white light into many colors
and we can observe the wavelengths of each color.
But, the dark you cannot measure.
There is no such thing as a dark meter.
We cannot know how dark a space is.


Light can illuminate and bring life to what is within.

light can shatter the nothingness of darkness
and illuminate and bring life
to what is within.
You can actually measure the amount of light present
by using a light meter.
But there is no dark meter.
Darkness we cannot measure.
It is simply a word
used to describe what happens
when no light is present.

Let us now ask,
“Does cold exist?”

We feel that it simply must exist.
After all, we have felt the cold.

But, in truth, cold does not exist.
According to the laws of physics,
what we think of as cold is in reality
the absence of heat.
Everything, including our human body,
possesses or transmits energy,
and heat makes our body,
and everything else
have or transmit energy.
Absolute zero,
– 460 degrees Fahrenheit,
is the total absence of heat.


     Evil is the absence of God.

At this temperature,
all matter becomes suspended, dormant,
deficient in active properties
and incapable of any reaction.

Cold, my friends, simply does not exist.
We have created the word “cold”
to describe how we feel
if we have little or no heat.

“Come and see the works of God,
He is awesome in His deeds
toward the children of men.”
– Psalm 66.5


Stroll down the pathway of awareness.

Does evil exist?

Yes, evil is all around us.
We see evil every day.
It is man’s inhumanity to man.
It is in the crime and violence
we are witness to throughout the world.
The horrors mankind has been witness to
are nothing but evil.

But, evil, my Friends,
exists unto itself.


Our beautiful and precious Spirit is a Loving Creation of God.

Evil is, quite simply,
the absence of God.
It is like the darkness and the cold.
Evil is a word
that mankind created to describe
the absence of God.

Evil happens when we do not have
God’s love present in our Heart.
It is like the cold that comes
when there is no heat
or the darkness that comes
when there is no light.

The question of evil is in reality,
a deep and pervasive philosophical question.
And yes, it needs to be answered.
For, in Truth, the Truth
can set us free.
It can liberate our minds
and calm our anxiety
and sooth our overburdened Hearts.

My Friends,
we need to know
what real inner freedom feels like.
We need to know that such freedom exists.
We desperately need to know
that our beautiful and precious Spirit
is a Loving Creation of God,
and that He loves us
far beyond our poor capacity
to add or detract
from the fact of our existence.

Love is, and always was,
And, if you think deeply about it,
that is a part of what makes it
so very beautiful.


Prayerful silence can cause you to contemplate answers that you may be running from.

A baby lying in its Mother’s arms
does not comprehend
the pure and unconditional Love
it feels and so willingly accepts.
And neither do you,
in the Arms of God.
Perhaps the thing missing
is our acceptance of this Love.

Jesus gave us a truly insightful perspective
when he said:

Truly I tell you, unless you change
and become like little children,
you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
(Matthew 18:3)


Truth can be as simple, and beautiful, as night and day.

 My Dear Friends,
people can be intimidated by silence.

But Prayerful silence can cause you
to contemplate answers
that you may be running from,
and never be aware
that you are avoiding
Inner Truths.

The human mind
Is fragile.

It is easily susceptible
to distraction
and gets exhausted
readily and rapidly.
our inability to harness
its focus and power
results in many
highways deaths,
divorces, much anger
and the intolerance
that leads to wars.

Our minds are so far

from perfection,
that we cannot conceive of
the Perfect Love
of God.

But at the core of every person
is a longing to know that God loves them.
We want the assurance God loves us.
God put this desire in us,
and God wants you to know
He Loves YOU.


Come and see the works of God.

God’s love for us
is beyond our ability to understand,
but not beyond our ability
to realize, accept and enjoy.

The apostle John wrote in I John 3:1:

“See what great love
the Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called
children of God!
And that is what we are!”


Love is, and always was, incomprehensible.


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