Heaven is for Real / The Hope of Immortality / D3 for Arthritis Pain

Some say
A good deed is over
When it is done,
When it just begins
To live
That day.

Love never dies.

Annie with John Hammons

Annie Anderson with John Hammons. John donated hundreds of hours to construct this school. He always refused payment saying, “No. This is for children.” I found in John a remarkable, Loving friend and a truly Christian Man, a man whose Love lives to this day.

As the phoenix of our Heart ascends,
The essence of our being
Discovers rebirth.
And with our Heart filled with Love,
Hate has nowhere to hide.
The prison walls
Of our bitter discontent,
Crumble into the dust
Beneath our feet.

How Blessed we become
When anger is in retreat,
For the human Heart
Harbors Love and Hate,
And one
Will taste defeat.

The vibrancy of our lives
Is always
Precariously perched
Upon the eve
Of destruction.


Seeking shelter
From the storms of life,
One Heart seeks refuge
Inside of another,
To be born again,
Freed from despair,
Bathed in rare beauty,
One melts inside the other,
In the Heart of another,
The mind of a Father,
The tears of a Mother.

My very dear friends,
We cannot live in hope and happiness
With a pale dead sun
That fails us at dawn,
And a sky always streaked with gray,
Doubting everything,
Fearing only that life
Will soon end.

sunset with tree

But knowing,
Surely knowing,
Within the fiber of your being,
That you are a Beautifully Crafted
Creation of God,
Will give your precious Heart
A beautiful song to sing.

 “We know that if our earthly house
of this tabernacle were dissolved,
we have a building of God,
a house not made with hands,
eternal in the heavens”
2 Corinthians 5:1.

God does exist.
Heaven Is For Real.
You may enjoy Eternal Life,
And know the Compassionate
Love of God.

sunset with birds

“If God is dead,
then man is dead, too.”
– Francis Schaeffer

This century may herald the day
We learn the secrets of eternal life.
In 1786, average life expectancy was 24 years.
In 1886 it doubled to 48.
Today a newborn can expect to live,
On average, 76 years.
And new discoveries have scientists
Forecasting our life expectancy
Will soon be over 100 years.
If the pace of research continues to accelerate
And predictions are correct,
Human beings may not have to die at all
In the future.

Life expectaancy chart

And this leads to deep
Philosophical considerations,
And challenging Theological reflections.
Such an evolving theoretical conclusion
Posits and affirms
The dynamic assertion that
Science and Religion are rapidly merging,
Becoming one.

Millenniums of our human history
Have recorded time after time after time,
The reality of immortality.
Universally believed,
It is the most indestructible of all Beliefs
And the most insightful and penetrating
Of all the phenomenon of mind.

The Hope of Immortality
Was placed in the Heart of Man
By One who has no beginning,
By One who has no end.”


It is not just immortality
That man needs.

If life is to be meaningful.
If man could exist forever,
But God not exist,
Existence would have
No real significance,
No eternal meaning.
And the universe
Has no meaning,
If there is no God
To give it one.

In a Universe without God,
Good and evil do not exist,
There is only the barren plain
Of existence,
No one to say you are right,
And I am wrong.
Think of the suffering and death,
The unbearable pain,
Godless men have caused.

Sunset witj tree

What is true of mankind
Is true of each of us,
As individuals.

The question of God’s existence
Is vital to man.
It is vital to mankind.

And countless other
Beautiful expressions of Faith,
Over centuries of time,
Promise a purposeful life,
Filled with hope and joy.

We can live happily
In our Faith and in our Love,
And with the assurance of
Eternal Life,
And Bountiful, Unbelievably Beautiful
And truly Everlasting

Sunset with sun

“Words are not words.
They are flowers you pick
and put into
thoughtful bouquets

– Wm. C. Anderson

Vitamin D3 and Arthritis Relief

Well Folks, I was mowing the grass one day
and truly in sufferance of arthritis. I literally could not turn my head enough to look carefully left or right while driving. My wrists were always very painful. And yes, I prayed for some relief from all the pain.

Marie Anderson

Marie Anderson

I was in the throes of pain when I drifted into remembrance of my Mother, Marie, who suffered so very, very much from this disorder. She told me that when she was ten years old she was admitted to the University of Iowa Medical Center. Her arms and wrists and legs and ankles and neck were bandaged, as she sat in a chair in her hospital room and cried whenever anyone entered the room for fear they would touch her.

Later, a Surgeon would sever her nerves in both wrists, her neck and ankles, in order to give her some relief from all the pain. Keep in mind this was in the early 1930’s.

Her pain in the neck would return when I was born.
Yes, I was a little rascal. Today I love all little rascals. And my neck pain returns from time to time. (Call it: payback!)

I vividly recall observing the indentions on the back of her wrists and the back of her neck that resulted from the operations. Prior the this surgery, her primary physician informed her parents that nothing could be done and that she would probably, “Leave the hospital only in a little pine box”. I was astonished that this was the manner in which they were told of the severity of the arthritis. Apparently, not everyone survived.

My how my Mother suffered. You can imagine how I cried later in life when she told me I was the only real joy in her life.

Well, I was able to ride on the lawn mower and keep praying for relief when a dear friend, Linda Latham, the Mother of another truly wonderful friend and former student, Sam. stopped her car on the road to visit with me. I do love west Texas style gabbing and swapping of tall tales. Hey, I can brag about anything, even your child.

Sam Latham

     My dear friend Sam. (Come and see me again.)

I shared my suffering with her. And she, with great compassion in her eyes, took the time to inform me of the relief she found taking Vitamin D3. So I drove, a little over the speed limit, to the health food store and purchased a bottle. And guess what? It took a couple of weeks but suddenly I noticed that I was no longer in pain! Linda, you were an answer to a fervent prayer.

Is that Mary Alice? (Yes. In 2009)

Is that Mary Alice? (Yes. In 2009)

God Blesses each of us who seek His help. And may God always abide with you, Linda, and your truly wonderful son, Sam. I Love you both very much. Thank you.

Perhaps you need help.

Vitamin D3

Several studies have looked at the connection between vitamin D and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Mental Health Benefits.

Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and vitamin D deficiency may be linked to disease severity.

Vitamin D-3 is the natural form that your body creates when the skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Vitamin D-3 can also be found in animal products but especially oily fish, such as salmon. read more

It is the only vitamin that can be made by the human body from

Derek was an avid shopper at Fossil Mania (2009)

Derek was an avid shopper at Fossil Mania (2009). Over 17,000 photos are on our website.

sunshine. Research is suggesting a strong link between vitamin D status and basic cognitive function, mood and overall mental health. It is amazing to discover how many serious maladies may be prevented or cured with a little sunshine. Folks, get the kids out of the house.

If you are taking vitamin D supplements, you need to pay close attention to the dose you are taking, because taking too much vitamin D can cause serious side effects and interactions with other medications. The National Institute of Medicine has set a tolerable upper intake level of 100 mcg per day, which is equivalent to 4,000 IU. Like all health supplements, you should only take vitamin D with your doctor’s approval. So give the good Doctor a call! read more

Dr. A before Vitamin D3 and coffee.

Dr. A before Vitamin D3 and coffee.

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