In The Soil of the Last Goodbye / Adventure Trip This Week

clouds 1

When you are young and in need of Love,
The time you spend with someone who cares,
Who Loves you,
Who makes you feel
That you have worth and dignity,
That you are cherished above all things
In Heaven and on Earth,
That life can be vibrant and alive
With Love,
Is of more value
Than life itself.

Today, in this our time,
The self-esteem of many children
Is dangerously below the horizon
Of what they can see for tomorrow.
It is so low,
That wherever some children may go,
The direction of their life
Simply does not matter.
You may think that is an embroidery
Of what is truth,
But, my friends, it is not.

Look around you.
Drug and alcohol addiction and suicide rates
Are unbelievably high
And climbing.

sky 1

All the time a child is left feeling all alone, a human Heart cries.


In Loving Memory of Chrissie Carrigan November 14, 1986 – December 6, 2001

Our children do not need to tell you
They need Love.
In the felt absence of those
Who have already abandoned all hope
And taken their own lives,
Their silence has stoned us.
For nothing is as deafening
As the destruction
Of a precious Human Heart
That beats within.


In Loving Memory of Jared Benjamin High Sept. 23, 1985 – Sept. 29, 1998


In Loving Memory of Michelle Woody January 7, 1985 – April 23, 2002


In Loving Memory of Joshua Thompson, January 14, 1983 – November 6, 2002.

Your death may,
One day,
Be found in your child’s heart.
For Love lives where it may.

And if not in your eyes,
If not in your heart,
Love will find a home
Very, very deep
Within the recesses of a mind
Left terribly all alone,
Buried in the soil of your
Last Goodbye.

Yes, my friends,
Love will live, somewhere, anywhere,
Even in a hell on earth,
Until it finally dies.



In Loving Memory of Brandon Monrose-Rousseau January 30,1989-October 2, 2000

All the time a child
Is left feeling all alone,
A human heart cries.
And with the last drop
Of the very last tear,
My friends,
It dies.

  I think of
Don Mclean’s beautiful
And prophetic song,
And I Love You So,
It speaks to all of us
And reminds us
How Loveless
Life can be.


Nothing is as deafening as the destruction of a precious Human Heart

  “People ask me how,
How I lived till now.

I tell them I don’t know.
I guess they understand
How lonely life has been.

Yes, I know how lonely life can be.
The shadows follow me
And the night won’t set me free.”

As a child searches for any meaning in this life,
For any reason to continue,
The smallest kindness
Is reflected in every thought,
Remembering every act
Of caring and compassion.

And so,
Don’s haunting and philosophical
Song of Life concludes:

“And you love me too
Your thoughts are just for me
You set my spirit free
I’m happy that you do
The book of life is brief
And once a page is read
All but love is dead.”

Children are, my friends,
In a very real way,
Desperate for Love.

sky 2

You may never fully realize
What the warmth of your smile,
Your act of caring and compassion
Means to a child Desperate for Love.

But such love as possesses
The deep yearning of the young,
Now, and forever,
Can sparkle through the darkening recesses
Of the mind and the heart,
As the past unfolds
Into the hopes and dreams
Of tomorrow.

The light of our lives
Can dance upon the waters,
With beauty beyond what you can behold.
Such is the love our lives can bestow,
That nevermore can we be made blind.
In such love,
God breathes Everlasting Life,
Which shall not be sacrificed
Upon the altar of time.

clouds 4

The smallest kindness Is reflected in every thought.

As songwriter and singer
John Denver
So beautifully and poetically
Shared with us in
Looking for Space“:

“On the road of experience
trying to find my own way
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away.
When I think that I’m moving
then suddenly things stand still
I’m afraid because I think they always will.

And I’m looking for space
and to find out who I am

And I’m looking to know and understand.
Its a sweet, sweet dream,
sometimes I’m almost there

Sometimes I fly like an eagle,
sometimes I’m deep in

All alone in the universe,
sometimes that’s how it seems

I get lost in the sadness and the screams.”


In Loving Memory of Mitch Beavers September 10, 1984 – August 7, 2001


In Loving Memory of thousands of our precious children.

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