How E’er The Tender Heart Drowns / Remembering Saffy

In every moment we seek the truth, we find beauty. - William C. Anderson

How e’er the tender heart drowns
In a sea of need everlasting.
How felt those surround
That never heard, nor have seen,
A beating heart bleeding,
In lonely isolation,
In desolation sown,
A singular precious seed,
Feeling others forsaking,
A Child of God,
In fear of waking.

A felt heartbeat of one,
Homeless, in such need,
A lonely heart, faintly beating.
A tired heart to be
Troubled, hungry,
Barely able on the morrow
To see.

Standing, but not tall.
Smiling, but only in memory.
Alone, all alone.
Still able to sleep, a little,
But cold, tired when awake.
So depressed
And slipping ever deeper
Into a darkening sea.

And the cost
Of each remembrance of Love,

But truth, if told,
And not often I know,
Be bitter and cold –
‘Tis our heart bleeding,
Ours, that does not Love
Enough to Love enough,
That never does not know
It is beating,
In time with all others.
For ours is one with the other,
Hearts waking,
Feeling not truly alive,
One without the other.

Oh, Child
Of never waking dreams,
Despair not.
The Love you are seeking,
It lies beneath
The ever deepening sea
Of our neglect,
Our transgressions.
It lies below
The horizon
Of everything we see,
In our thoughts,
In our Prayers,
Our deeds,
In the eyes of another
Looking at, pleading with,
His brother.

Magic lights

My friends, no child should be in a shelter for the homeless. Children should live in our hearts and in a home sheltered by our humanity, cradled with our compassion and provided for by our Prayers and Thanksgiving.

I must share with you that I am truly embarrassed to pass by corporate structures glittering in the bright sunlight, appearing as Cathedrals in the sky, and Cathedrals of Prayer casting ever deepening shadows over the homeless, as they pass by. How often I wonder, has the heart of this America that I Love, stopped beating?

I am proud of Alexander, Natalie and Jacob, as they struggle to create a new home for a precious Child and a Mother in need of Love, in need of a home.

My friends, if you will join us in creating this home, at the Anderson School, for a homeless Mother and Child, please let us know. Let us hear from you, as our students Nobly struggle to create a new home on our campus.

Next week I will share the story, and photographs, of our students in performances of William Shakespeare’s, “Twelfth Night” at Stage West Theater. It was a remarkable and challenging adventure. I am very proud of everyone. And I am so grateful for the Herculean efforts of our magnificent Director, George Rodriguez. And OUR SINCERE GRATITUDE goes to Dana Schultes and the wonderful staff at Stage West Theater.

Our deep appreciation to Lauryl Blossom for the tasty and uplifting snacks for everyone and to David & Amy Smelley for the fabulous, first class Lunches and many other acts of kindness. And thanks to Steve and Julie Kline for your thoughtfulness, as always.

And our appreciation to Nick Meagher and our very own Alexander Anderson for video taping the play. Thanks to your efforts it will be made available for everyone to view very soon. And still photos may be viewed next week on this weblog. Your support is more than appreciated. It was uplifting to our Spirits. We are so blessed to have such friendship.
    Thank you!

Tomorrow we will have a wonderful surprise. My friend, Carter Andrews, will instruct the Philosophy Class. He will inform us about how close we are to a global warming disaster – just six degrees!

Saffy for President


Our deeply Loved Saffy has passed away.

It has been about fours years since she came to us. She was so very close to death. But Love, as it is able to do, breathed new life into her being and she breathed the light of her Love into our hearts. Saffey's grave

She suffered from congestive heart failure the last few months. And as I SAFFY 054carried her home in my arms, she drew her last breath.

What a precious gift she has been to so many of our children, her friends.Saffey's stone

As we lay her down to rest, my friend, Ian, painted a beautiful stone for her while others placed flowers on her grave.

The lesson taught by such beautiful Creations reflect the profound Love found within each heart. Compassion, my friends, is learned and often from the most noble and beautiful of God’s wonderful creations.

The Light of our Love can split the darkest night. It can reveal what has been hidden in plain sight – the meaning of life.

I Pray that in the complexity and difficulty of life, you simply Love one another and let it be.

Saffy and Rylee

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