Your Heart Is Always In The Moment

In our search for beauty we will always find truth. And in the remembrance of such beauty, as the love we give to each other, we discover the beautiful truth of our eternal being.

My friends, you are not alone. And lonely you should never be. The essence of everyone you ever loved is in and all around you. You cannot escape what is and what is meant to be.

Please know that you are deeply loved. You are love. And love walks hand in hand with you, in this moment, which is tomorrow and yesterday.

Open up your heart and see. What lights your path, transcends the dark and gives the heart to see. It is the blossoming of what is beautiful, of what is life, now, then, and eternally.

The seed of life implanted by the love you seek to share, lives on. It grows there still. And if life has left you feeling forsaken, forgiveness will breathe life back into your being. And such love, as you have never known, will be yours this day and it will always be. Always.

Love will abide. Love never dies. In those times when you think you are most alone, close your eyes so that you may see, and Love will bring you home. Your Love is the only pathway home. And on this path you are never alone.

Research is pointing the way to there being only one dimension and only one moment in time. Everything else is an illusion we create, an extension of what we project ourselves to be, our beliefs and desires and yes, our Love.

Our minds create what lies beyond, the reason which gives order to the chaos of creation. Within the narrow lens of our awareness, we form, out of the fabric of thought, the images that ultimately permit us to survive long enough to bring our hearts together.

Shakespeare Play 5-13-14 020 - Kylee & Mom

On this path you are never alone.

From coming to know the illusions of our lives, we discover that all the moments we remember, are in this moment. Your heart cannot tell you it is remembering, because it is not. Your heart is always in the moment. It is in the moment when we took our first breath. It is in the moment when breath of life disclosed your love for another, the love you felt for your child. It is there now and it is in every moment to be.

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