The Enduring Power of Eternal Love / Destination: Stock Show

“Love is always open arms.
If you close your arms about love
you will find that you are holding only yourself.”

– Leo Buscaglia

A pesticide free environment produces wondrous creations.

In a pesticide free environment we discover wondrous creations. This stunning Moth was waiting patiently for Dr. A on his chair. I am simply stunned by the beauty displayed on the living canvasses of Gods art, found throughout our natural world of wonder.

The Enduring Power of Eternal Love

Have you ever noticed how everything is beautiful when you are in love? Love becomes a lens that focuses the vision of our lives. And I have often wondered if, perhaps, we can only truly see through the eyes of love. If so, the focus of life becomes the human heart.

And, I wonder, if love is all there is to truly see. For without love, we are more than blind, for we can never come to know more than what we can see. And, as strange as it may seem, we can only see ourselves through the loving eyes of another. That person becomes the mirror of our reality. We always see ourselves through eyes of someone else. When we comb our hair and get dressed each morning, we do these things not for ourselves, but for others. We want to look good in the mirror of their minds and in the memory of their hearts.

Have you noticed that when you are truly in love, everything that does not matter becomes blurred. But clearly, the one you love stays focused, even in your dreams. Yes, you can see so clearly that love and life beautifully blend together until, at last, you love life and you find your way home. And, to your surprise, home is not found where you are, but in the heart of another. And what a warm and treasured place to be. Leo Buscaglia says it another way, “If you close your arms about love you will find that you are holding only yourself.” Now there is a lonely place.

The human heart, as fragile as it is, can become the mightiest fortress God can build, to house the most precious treasure on this earth. My friends, let your heart be transformed by the enduring power of the love of God. And, if you look, you can find that love residing in the heart of the next child you meet.

Bailey truly enjoyed skating.

Bailey truly enjoyed skating at Rollerland West.

Yes, God sees through the eyes of every child. And He is looking straight at you and staring into the very depths of your soul. And the rhythm of your heart beats in time with His. And His Heart resides within each one of His Lambs, for we are truly One, and only One.

Yes, there lies buried deep within each of us a treasure far greater than gold – something that transcends all understanding, all reason, all knowledge and all mankind. It is always abiding, enduring, yes, always alive. And it measures time in a mysterious and unique way. Being near to those we love causes time to pass quickly. And being far away, time moves in our aching hearts and in our minds – so slowly. Yes, your heart is the only true measure of time.

Today, research by leading physicists tells us that Dark energy is a mysterious quantity that makes up, along with dark matter, most (if fact, nearly ALL) of the mass of the universe. Two of the biggest mysteries of both string theory and cosmology are the presence of unseen, what is called, dark matter and a form of dark energy. No one, not even one scientist, can define these mysterious forces, which constitutes an astonishing 96% of matter, with recognizable, normal matter being only 4%. This unknown and indefinable matter and energy constitutes almost everything and is all pervasive (much like God is described in religious texts). Our greatest minds have no idea what it is. And I am left wondering if, perhaps, we are at long last now discovering the all encompassing power that is the vast ocean of God’s Eternal Love.

Mary Alice introduces one lucky dog.

Mary Alice introduces one deeply loved and very lucky dog.

In the insightful and beautifully crafted words of Joe Henry and music by John Denver, entwined within the lyrics of, “The Wings That Fly Us Home”, we can find a deep philosophical revelation:

“And the spirit fills the darkness of the heavens
It fills the endless yearning of the soul
It lives within a star too far to dream of
It lives within each part and is the whole
It’s the fire and the wings that fly us home.”

On Friday, January 24, 2014 we will enjoy, weather permitting, the Fort Worth Stock Show at the Will Rogers Center (817- 877-2400) in the cultural district.

Drop off at 10:00 a.m. & Pick up at 2:30 p.m. at the McDonald’s located on the corner of Montgomery Street and Camp Bowie Boulevard. It is a convenient place to gather, enjoy a cup of coffee and/or (burp!) breakfast. After gathering, we will walk to the west entrance of the stock show. Please be punctual. The children and Dr. A will be excited about getting to the show.

Please Note: Uniform pants with a belt, & red monogrammed school shirts are required. PARENTS / GUARDIANS / FRIENDS / INLAWS / OUTLAWS are always invited to participate on Friday trips. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

Tickets for admission to the Stock Show grounds can be purchased upon arrival. General admission tickets permit access to all livestock events, educational programs, commercial exhibits and the carnival/midway.BAILEY & TOWNES - Meteorite Gallery 049

Adults: $10 / Children 6 – 16: $5 / Children 5 & Under: free / Please pay at the gate.

Dress for the Weather

Please Do NOT drop your child(ren) off early or without Dr. and Mrs. Anderson present
Parking: $ 8.00 per vehicle daily, CASH ONLY

Feb. 1                 Tuition Deposit Due for 2014-15
Feb. 7                 Movie: Monument Men
Feb. 17 (Mon.)    President’s Day Holiday
Mar. 10-14          Spring Break Holidays
Mar. 21               Texas Indian Market & Showcase (Arlington)

Emergency Telephone Number: 682-777-1908

A . n . d . e . r . s . o . n
Where precocious children are nurtured and appreciated and sometimes get their foot caught in the car door! That’s called: The Life of Rylee.      (Dr. A usually puts his foot in his mouth because –                                  it is more embarrassing but less painful.)

A new work of art by Amy Oliver is impressive.

A new work of art by Amy Oliver really reaches out and grabs you.

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