The Very Edge of Reason / Modern Art Museum

Rylee meets with her fan club.

Rylee meets with her fan club.

“The human mind likes a strange idea as little as the body likes a strange protein and resists it with a similar energy.”  
– W. I. Beveridge

We stand at the very edge of reason, entrusting whether anyone can Nobly advance our cause better than we, ourselves.

And the answer is NO. Freedom does not offer advantage to other than the free.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan ignited an avalanche of protest in addressing opposition to his highly valued educational initiative: Common Core State Standards. Opposition to his effort to formulate a highly standardized education has come from parents across this nation. And I understand why!

Well-intended acts can have disastrous results. The road to Hades is paved with good intentions is an idiom or proverb about the difference between what someone intends to do and what they actually do.

Another puppy won the lottery.

Another puppy won the lottery – in the arms of Love.

Such a linear and narrow focus, as promulgated by Secretary Duncan, excessively, immoderately and unduly restricts essential academic freedom and constitutes a sublime form of slavery. Being sublime, it appears elevated or lofty in thought, impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur or power. But we are rapidly becoming addicted to this assessment syndrome. The heavy hand of government needs to be reconfigured. After all, it is our hand and, in the voting booth, it is far heavier than the adversaries of freedom. We cannot allow our hands to be held, as if tied behind our backs or kept hidden in our pockets. Leave them there and they will lose circulation.

Our freedom is a thing not only of functionality, but of unfathomable beauty – capable of spiraling our intellects and our visions into new dimensions and revealing depths of imagination as yet unknown.

My dear friends, our Honored Dead, buried across battlefields around this world, loved us more than life. But they can no longer stand by your side to defend what is now yours. But you can stand. And you can speak. And you can sing and protest. And you, by the Grace of God and every drop of their precious blood, can act. Their memory is a constant call to arms. And it is a celebration of a cherished gift – that of life itself, embodied in the freedom of thought and the freedom to act.

Scholarship takes a break.

Scholarship takes a break.

America is beautiful. And its beauty resides within you. It is the very beat of your heart. It is the love of your brother and sister that fought so valiantly for you, who lie cradled in the Arms of God and buried deep within our hearts. Such vibrant beauty you can never truly behold. We stand but in the the shadow of the beautiful sunsets of their lives.

So open your eyes. In no other nation on earth will you behold the likeness of such as our precious Liberty. People are struggling to get INTO the United States, not leave. They can see our Liberty more clearly than we.

No, as so many Veterans have shared with me, freedom is not free. It is the costliest possession on earth. If they could but speak they would admonish you to accept it, possess it, treasure it, admire it and, above all, defend it. And pray for all those whose sacrifices have placed it painfully and lovingly into you hands.

My friends, Veterans Day is every day! It is this day and every tomorrow. Let us celebrate it in every act, in every movement and in every moment we walk this earth. And in so doing, do not accept the judgment of others that your child can be categorized, judged, selected and sorted and dictated to. Your precious children must never be assessed by dubious instruments of questionable reliability and quality, funded by corporate and other special entities with their own interests in mind.

Kirby takes a break.

   Kirby takes a break.

Regardless of the jargon related to, “competing with other countries”, please remember that our Great Nation was made as such under the umbrella of an academic freedom that surpasses all understanding. When our highly trained and deeply dedicated professional educators were not tethered to the dictates and artificial constraints of puffed up, egotistical and corporately funded politicians, our schools produced mentally healthy, highly productive and beautifully idealistic graduates, who propelled us to become the wealthiest Nation on the earth and its only superpower.

Our teachers and children were NOT bullied into this achievement. They were enabled through the freedom to be, all they could imagine and all they desired. Freedom is the key to our future. It always was and always will be.

Toss the tests. And, for the sake of our beautiful children, let us rid ourselves of every political figure who pretends to know more that we do. British historian and moralist, Lord Acton, once famously said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

As we pretend to, “leave no child behind”, we are absolutely corrupting our schools.

New dimensions in Philosophy.

Ian expresses a new dimension in Philosophy!

On Friday, Nov. 22, 2013, we will meet at the MODERN ART MUSEUM OF FORT WORTH, 3200 Darnell Street (telephone 817-738-9215) at 10:00 a.m. Do NOT drop your child(ren) off early or without Dr. and Mrs. Anderson present. Our self-guided tour will start at 10:00 a.m. Following this tour we will dine at the museum’s restaurant, Café Modern, at 11:30 a.m. After lunch we will have a docent-guided tour of the special exhibit followed by shopping at the gift store. Pick-up is at 2:30 p.m. at the museum.

Terry Haggerty draws on the vocabulary of abstract art to create his illusory paintings and large-scale wall works. The artist’s central motif is created by painting patterned lines that alternate a light and dark color, such as white and blue. When juxtaposed, these colors play off of each other, appearing to advance and recede as seen in Kinetic Friction – pictured left.

Haggerty applies multiple coats of paint to his works to create sleek and fluid surface patterns. He also changes the direction of the uniformly painted lines at certain points—bending them toward the edges of his canvases or walls, for example, and/or changing the course of their paths at the center of his compositions. By manipulating color and line in this way, Haggerty’s imagery becomes a study in spatial and sensory perception, appearing to hum and even making his two-dimensional paintings appear to be three-dimensional. This combination of serial color and pattern, along with his redirecting of the lines, has a crucial impact on the overall pictorial appearance of the artist’s works. It immediately transforms his simple painted stripes into vibrant and undulating images that seemingly alter space.

We don't explain them, we just train them (Kids & Dogs).

We don’t explain them, we just train them (Kids & Dogs).

The Modern maintains one of the foremost collections of modern and contemporary international art in the central United States. Various movements, themes, and styles are represented, including Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting, Pop art, and Minimalism, as well as aspects of New Image Painting from the 1970s and beyond, recent developments in abstraction and figurative sculpture, and contemporary photography, video, and digital imagery.

FINANCIAL: No fee for admission. GIFT SHOP: Has fascinating items.
LUNCH: Café Modern is serving contemporary American cuisine. Please provide funds for lunch. One check per table will be provided. A gratuity will be added. Students please order from the Children’s Menu and Observe the POLICIES of the Museum (In other words, do not take the artwork home!)

Uniform pants with a belt, polished shoes & monogrammed shirts required. PARENTS /GUARDIANS NEIGHBORS / SIBLINGS are invited to participate on our trips. EMERGENCY NO: 682-777-1908

Missy is such a camera hog.

Missy is such a camera hog.

Nov. 25-29 Thanksgiving/Fall Break (No school this weak) Ooops! Dr. A apparently was not a strong speller)
Dec. 5-6 Texas Assn. for Gifted & Talented Conf. (No school)
Dec. 13 Museum of Americas (in Weatherford)
Dec. 20 Last Day of Fall Semester
Dec. 23 – Jan. 7 Winter Break Holidays (better known as Christmas Holidays)
Jan. 24 Fort Worth Stock Show (In Dr. A’s youth, it was call the FAT stock show. But, he lost a few pounds.)

We visited the Japanese Garden

We enjoyed our visit to the Japanese Garden

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