The Vocabulary of Pure Joy

Words can liberate you. They can begin the flow of what you feel into an upward, outward spiral that overwhelms the senses, sublimates your ego and shapes you into an authentic and human being.

Expressions from the heart set this moment free to be all that it can be. Putting what you love and why you love into words empowers you to transcend every obstacle previously placed in your path. You are, effectively, in an out of body experience. You become one with the destiny of your dreams. And you come to exist in more than one place at one time.

Words, spoken, transcribed or imagined into being, placed into music, poetry or whispered softly into the narrow space between you and one you love can become the elixir, the tonic, the magic ingredient, the missing formula for saving a relationship, uniting a nation or for the salvation of mankind.

Kept in touch with your deepest desires and in time with the beat of your heart, what you express can liberate you from the past, heal a wounded heart and turn the next page of your life.

So breathe deeply, calm your mind and reach deep down inside your heart to reflect upon the last tender moment of pure joy that you felt. Tell someone, anyone, what you found in that rare moment and how you felt. Now, know that you can feel that way again. Where you last found pure joy, there it always lay.

We are born into such a moment, in such love, and we never really lose it, we just lose the way. So put it into words, music, poetry and into an envelope and mail it to someone you love or just show up on their doorstep.

The heart beats with a rhythm unknown, until someone listens to it.

1 thought on “The Vocabulary of Pure Joy

  1. Dr. A~
    How lucky are the folks, (like me today,) who happen upon your most fine words. In the past two weeks, it seems, it is, as though many things are dying around me. Two weeks ago, I walked three houses down to visit with a good friend, 77, who other’s said was now in bed, full time, her ovarian Cancer having invaded her moat. We hugged each other, and before a second passed, she looked me in the eye and said, “I am going to miss you so much.” Shocking myself, I not only said, “I am going to miss you also,” ~ I completely felt it. For real, completely,

    It was just like you so eloquently expressed above. In that moment we were both aware, of the wonder and indefinable gift of having spent many moments with this other human, during our beingness — but soon we would not be doing this. One of those rare exchanges between two people when you both feel great joy and great sadness, all at the same, intransigent time.

    One week later she died. Three days ago I went to her funeral. Today I saw this black hearse, waiting, sitting idle, restless to make it’s next awkward move.

    Someone should design a HEARSE, that is even more beautiful than the first cradle, our parents stood over, waiting with so much joy, for the arrival of us. Incandescent, beyond our greatest hopes. Incandescent, and at the same time, more simple than anything we have ever known.

    Thank You,

    Laura Jaye Greer

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