The Sons and Daughters of our Liberty

Unknown Soldier Tomb of
Our children
Shall all our children be.
They are the sons and daughters
Of us all
And of our Liberty.

We share a Heritage
Of being the Children
Of a greater
Than we.

We are the Sons
And we are the Daughters
Of a million Cherished Lives
Laid to rest on so many fields of battle,
Bravely and lovingly given for our Liberty.

We are here for that freedom
Whatever that implies
Whatever it means
Where ever it leads.

We Thank our Soldiers,
One and All,
And truly Love You,
For the beautiful gifts
Your lives have bestowed,
Sacrificed for all of us
Upon the Altar of Freedom.
The blessings that for all Americans
Can be treasured and cherished
For all Eternity.

Kept, and held tightly, and never let go,
Thanks to the sacrifices
Of all those willing to give
The last full measure of their Love and Devotion to us
Laid to Eternal Rest
In the Sacred Soil of our Liberty.

– by Wm. C. Anderson

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