The Rivers Of Our Hearts

Our lives are living waters
Poured down from the Heavens above
In processions of dreams they cascade
To sculpt and shape the forms of love
Into which we are lovingly made.

We of light and dreams and water weave,
Are tributaries of but one river,
Flowing in momentary disarray
To break upon the rocks of discontent
Then slow and calm and unite one day.

Yes, the rivers of our hearts
Someday will join as one,
Guided as they are from above,
To pour the contents of our lives
Into the vast ocean of God’s eternal love.

The TEMPEST 121The Tempest
by William Shakespeare

Our scholars were dramatically successful in creating a tapestry of their The TEMPEST 058unique talents The TEMPEST 157 The TEMPEST 161 The TEMPEST 164 The TEMPEST 077 The TEMPEST 143 woven from the fabric of dedication, hard work and the patient guidance of Director George Rodriguez.

My congratulations to one and all for accomplishing the difficult goal of presenting Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest” on stage at the Hardy Theater in the cultural district of Fort Worth.

Alexander Anderson will shortly have the final production video available on our website,, for your enjoyment.

Included are a few photos of the preparation for and presentation of this outstanding production.

We will have more photos available through our Flickr page shortly, which can be accessed here.

And again, congratulations to everyone, including our students, parents, teachers and Director, George Rodriguez, for a job well done.

Very well done indeed!

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