If Not For Love

Fountain at Chandor Gardens

Every Fountain Can Bring Hope

Why is the wind
Singing in the trees?
Why do we feel
The gentle flowing breeze?

Why, when all is lost
Can hope ascend to Heaven above,
When we are brought to our knees,

If not for love?

Our paths would never meet
Our hearts never beat
To join us, one to all,
Without love’s gentle call.

Chandor Gardens

Every Child’s Heart                     Can Turn to Gold

From where do we come,
And what would we be told
Of the love that ever seeks
To turn our hearts to gold?

If not for love,
Gentle as evening’s breeze,
Flowing through a child’s life, Singing in the leaves,   If not for God’s love,       We would never be.

Pathway in Chandor Gardens

Every Path                 Can Lead to  Love

On FRIDAY April 19, 2013, we will meet at school at 8:30 a.m. to spend time preparing for our upcoming Shakespeare production: “The Tempest”.

Director, George Rodriquez, will assist our scholars with their individual needs relative to their roles and conduct rehearsals throughout the day.

Our visit last Friday to the beautiful CHANDOR GARDENS, in Weatherford was truly delightful. What a treasure we have found! I highly recommend for you to visit. You will also be inspired. Photos from our tour are available by clicking here.

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