e-News Update for Feb. 8, 2013 Anderson Private School

Anderson Private School

e-News Update for Feb. 8, 2013

On Friday, 2-8-13 we will meet at the Texas Civil War Museum (817-246-2323) 760 Jim Wright Freeway
(Loop 820). We will dine at a nearby eatery.

Drop-off will be at the Museum at 9:30 a.m. Pick up will be at the MUSEUM at 2:30 p.m., if the creek don’t rise, which is highly unlikely considering our recent meteorological epistemelogy. Defined narrowly, epistemology is the study of knowledge and justified belief, and my belief is that it may not rain!

FINANCIAL $8.00 fee for students. This fee funds our docent program, slush fund for delusional confederates reenacting the war and not fully accepting of Robert E. Lee’s surrender, and entrance to the museum (with a great lesson on soldiering). Please pay Dr. Anderson. – Correct change will result in a very high opinion of you!

LUNCH: We will dine at a nearby restaurant. Please provide funds. GIFT SHOP: Yes! They have a GREAT gift shop with items related to the war we have not necessarily lost!

Uniform pants with a belt & red monogrammed school shirt are required. Polish your shoes, the rebels are recruiting this week. This fabulous museum can be enjoyed by the entire family,

Students are NOT to leave the Museum or restaurant at any time for any reason, including the
need to secure a ride, go off to war & whip the Yankees (which also requires a uniform, powder and gun)
or use the restroom, without the approval of Dr. or Mrs. Anderson.

MUSEUM RULES * No loud talking, running, or jumping or one of the new Anderson school staff will get you. (They are ALL ex-school principals. Notice their threatening gaze searching for any sign of misbehavior! * Stay with your chaperone at all times. If Dr. A seems jittery, he has had enough! Just him offer coffee with cream.

* Use clipboards for worksheets. Do not lean or write on exhibit display cases or walls or, you guessed it, Dr. A.
* No food, drink, candy, or gum is allowed inside. Give these items to Dr. A., he knows what to do.
* The museum has video surveillance & alarms so don’t be alarmed and please smile. No “wheeled” footgear allowed.

They reserve the right to refuse service and rough up those who do not wish to follow the rules of conduct. Now, there are exceptions and one of them is Dr. A. He is a good guy and he won’t remember the rules. And he already looks roughed up. Your children are responsible for his appearance, and it is a little late to apologize.


Feb. 18 (Monday) President’s Day Holiday
Mar. 11 – 15 Spring Break Holidays
Mar. 29 & April 1 (Mon. & Fri.) Easter Holidays
April 30 Scarborough Renaissance Festival
May1 Tuition Due for 2013-14
May 6 &7 (Monday & Tuesday) Shakespeare Play “The Tempest” at the Sanders Theater
May 21 – 24 Adventure Trip

Emergency Telephone Number: 682-777-1908
A . n . d . e . r . s . o . n

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