Tomorrow for Home

Our children are born of America’s Freedom.
They are the birthright of liberty’s hope.
Our family harbors the fleet of our Nation,
With ships set to sail for destiny’s home.

As we hoist sail on the mast of our dreaming,
And steer our course toward keeping us free,
With no oar in the water or sail bent skyward,
Shall we cross over the deepening sea?

Can we stay the course of our country’s freedom,
If we cannot keep our sight on the shore?
The sea of tomorrow will billow and swallow
The Nations of people who can do no more.

Without the vision to cherish our children
Having no courage their cause to put forth,
The Captain won’t sail the ship of our Nation;
He shall never steer us to destiny’s port.

With sails unfurled for the winds our yearning,
With no greater love than we show our own,
The Captain won’t cut the ship from her mooring;
He shall never sail her tomorrow for home.

christmas card 1992 back-cCopyright 1992
words & music by Wm. C. Anderson & Annie A. Anderson

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