If The Shoe Fits – – –

Getting new shoes (in the mail) is, somehow, quite a thrill! I again ordered my favorite Born shoes that are the only ones I found that fit so well, that my feet do not hurt. You see, they are shaped like my feet are shaped, not symmetrical in the traditional style, so the shoe looks good.

Can you imagine suffering for years so your shoes look good on you feet? It reminds me of the curriculum models we developed over the years for children – structured and compartmentalized for convenience and, of course, it looks good!

But all feet, like all children, are different. And most of both suffer for years because what we put them in simply doesn’t fit. Which is why LeVonna and I felt compelled to start this school for our deeply loved children.

And there are, seemingly, some children for which no shoes will fit. Funny, but here we find quite a few kids who throw off their shoes as soon as they enter the front door. They are barefoot all day long! And at the end of the school day, you will find us looking for their shoes. And some of them even hide their shoes. You see, they simply do not want to leave. Some even hide themselves! Getting children to leave when school is over, somehow, gets to be the biggest problem their parents have. But, it’s the kind of problem we prefer.

Now, where did I leave my shoes?


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