Shakespeare’s Othello latest challenge

Director George Rodriquez is working diligently with our students as we prepare for our annual theatrical production. Othello will be this year’s play and is scheduled for April 30 (Sunday afternoon) and May 1 (Monday evening). Following the presentations, we will celebrate with a day at Scarborough Renaissance Festival on Tuesday, May 2.

Our children are working intently in preparation for the presentations. And you are cordially invited to attend.

Each Shakespeare production becomes a testament to the courage and dedication of our students. If you do not think it takes such fortitude, try performing Shakespeare yourself in front of a live audience. And then pretend you are six or ten or twelve years of age.

This past Fall, once again, the student body studied five different plays by William Shakespeare, not previously performed, and then selected one to produce. This process familiarizes the students with Shakespeare and empowers them through the decision making process.

Congratulations to all of our students and to our Director, George Rodriquez, for their outstanding preparations as they endeavor to learn their lines and come to love Shakespeare as much as we do.

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