Shakespeare’s Richard III – a magnificant production

The efforts of our students in their portrayal of the tragic life and times of England’s Richard III  proved to be dynamic, challenging and a beautiful success. My gratitude and admiration goes to our ever engaging and exhausted George Rodriquez. What a magnificent production. And our thanks to the patient and highly professional staff at the Hardy Theatre. The team effort to produce this difficult and highly dramatic play of William Shakespeare was inspiring to everyone in the audience. Parents are still in awe.

The children of our school deserve all the praise we could possibly offer. They were presented with a truly daunting challenge and rose to the occasion. Parents are still calling me and Mrs. Anderson with words of praise and encouragement for continuing the tradition of presenting Shakespeare each year in the future.

Our special gratitude goes to Richard and Karen Fox for their continuing support, which enables our theatrical productions to continue. And our admiration and gratitude to Robert Clover-Brown, a citizen of the USA since 2006, Cambridge University graduate and dynamic actor, for his informative and entertaining introduction of Richard III and his times, to our audience. To have Robert, as Shakespeare Man, with us on this auspicious occasion was indeed a delight.

We are already planning next year’s production. Our students, with the help of parents, will select the play for next year. Members of selection committee (yes, any student/parent may join us) will read five of Shakespeare’s plays and then meet to discuss, deliberate and debate the selection, and vote. This process provides inclusion, study, research and lively and entertaining discussion.

Again, thank you one and all. You have performed magnificently!

1 thought on “Shakespeare’s Richard III – a magnificant production

  1. Thank you for documenting the students’ performance. I teach Shakespeare at Brigham Young University and came across the flickr account for the Anderson School that showed the Richard III performance. It looked like a great deal of fun was had in mounting the production. I appreciated learning about Robert Clover-Brown, too. Keep up the good work!

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